We Were Very Excited That Our Application to Buy and Executive Condo Was Approved

We wanted out of the district we were living in here in Singapore. We grew up here, but were looking for something more. My parents were happy where they were at, and my in-laws were too. They had some complaints about the area and their living spaces, but were okay with putting up with them. My wife and I are career professionals, and we wanted something more. Our family told us to follow our dreams, so we started looking into the new condo project called parc life. It will overlook the Seletar Reservoir, and the golf course that is also right there in that area. We both really enjoy golfing at that course, so living close to it made sense.

We would just be very happy moving to another district in Singapore. I enjoy our island life, but I sincerely wanted a change form the district we lived in , and so did my wife. We looked at a brochure that a friend gave us about Signature Yishun executive condominiums. We were really interested, so we looked online to see if any three bedroom places were still available. If you live here in Singapore, you know how these new projects sell all of their units to property investors long before the structures are even finished being built. Instead of leasing from another lucky investor, we were going to be the proud owners.

We had been on the lookout for rumors and information about new real estate projects being built in Singapore that are residential executive condo structures. We were very happy to get that brochure about Signature Yishun before the three bedroom places had sold out. We put in our application as soon as we read all of the project details. We were very excited when we received the approval for our application to purchase an executive condo.