What is the business case for couriers to go green?


When it comes to running a cheap international courier service you have a lot of expenses. Warehouses need to be maintained; vehicles need constant care, and your employees need to be paid, among endless transactions and other countless issues. One step that a service could take to eliminate costs, though, is one that’s environmentally friendly, and even more efficient. Going green, a lot of companies are against it; there’s a lot of changes and expenses with going green initially, but in the long run it benefits the cheap international couriers overall income.

If you were to send a parcel to Germany, for example, you would sign, it’d be taken away on a diesel powered truck and then shipped to its intended location. Sometimes your parcel to Germany may need to take a flight; sometimes it will only need a lengthy car ride. Regardless it is using fuel and damaging the atmosphere, but when companies like Courierpoint bring that into their perspective, they can act upon that unnecessary pollution. Adding solar panels to warehouses and replacing vehicles with electric cars will encourage a future for better growth and establishment.

Not only will going green help the environment if a cheap international

How To Fix Your Car’s Oxygen Sensor


If your car’s “Check Engine” light is glaring at you, it’s probably because the oxygen sensor is malfunctioning. That’s right, the oxygen sensor. It’s a little device that’s a mystery for most drivers but its misbehavior is the problem that most commonly triggers a Check Engine light, according to CarMD.com, which sells an automotive diagnostic tool and provides repair information. The oxygen sensor unseats the formerly most common Check Engine light culprit: a loose gas cap. There are fewer reports of that problem because savvy motorists have learned to fix it themselves and consumers now buy new cars with capless gas tanks.

But don’t despair. Replacing your car oxygen sensor will keep you from wasting money by burning extra gas, and the repair isn’t horribly expensive. We know this firsthand. We had to replace the O2 sensor on our 1996 Lexus ES 300, the subject of our Debt-Free Car project, and it wasn’t as much of a hassle or expense as we had feared.

After the dreaded Check Engine light appeared in our Lexus, we plugged the CarMD device into the car’s computer to

Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers


The statistics about teenage drivers aren’t good. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 16-year-olds get into accidents almost six times more often than drivers between the age of 30 and 59. No wonder car insurance premiums are so high for this age group.

However, not all car insurance companies take the same dim view of young drivers. And some discounts are available to help you cut costs. Remember, the higher the risk, the higher the cost of insurance premiums. Let this be your guiding principle as you shop for insurance.

Here are 10 suggestions to help lower premiums and keep your teenager’s license free of violations:

1. Help your teen learn the laws and follow them to the letter. By far, the best way to lower car insurance costs for teens is for them to keep their driving record clean. Make safe driving a family project. In some states, restrictions apply to new drivers. Parents should know what the laws are and insist that their sons and daughters follow them.

2. Set

Is Cheap Gas Bad for Your Car?


Gasoline is expensive and you’re looking for every way possible to save money at the pump. You already shy away from premium fuel, knowing that your car doesn’t require it. You’d like to save a few pennies per gallon more by going to an off-brand gas station. But you can’t get rid of the nagging fear: Is the cheap gas going to damage your car’s engine?

Edmunds.com put this question to experts in several fields, including an automotive engineer at a major carmaker, gasoline manufacturers and two engineers with the American Automobile Association (AAA). It boils down to this: You can stop worrying about cheap gas. You’re unlikely to hurt your car by using it.

Because of the advances in engine technology, a car’s onboard computer is able to adjust for the inevitable variations in fuel, so most drivers won’t notice a drop off in performance between different brands of fuel, from the most additive-rich gas sold by the major brands to the bare-bones stuff at your corner quickie mart.

Still, spending a few extra pennies per gallon might provide peace of mind to someone

The High Cost of Losing Your Keys

Our car keys have an uncanny ability to get lost inside coat pockets or underneath couch cushions — or to disappear altogether. Prior to the 1990s, this wasn’t a big deal. You could get a spare key at any hardware store or locksmith shop, not to mention at the car dealership, of course. But because it was easy to copy a key, it was also easy for a thief to steal your car. These days, advances in key technology have made vehicles more difficult to steal, but the price has been costlier key replacements.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll face in the way of cost if you have to replace your key, along with some alternatives that could lower the bill. The prices quoted here are for Santa Monica, California, and West Los Angeles, an area where an hour of labor at an auto dealership can cost more than $100. Labor costs in your region may vary.

Basic Keys and Fob
A basic car key, which was common up until the mid-to late-1990s, has no security feature other than its unique cut. The shank, which is the long metal part of the key, has cuts and grooves like a

Get Your Easy Loan

Money is medium of exchange or legal payment. Before there was money, people buy and sell by bartering. Human basic needs are consist of food, clothing, and residence (house). To fulfil all the basic needs you need money. Now money is very important for all people. But in out there many people are short of money. The solution of thats problem is borrowing money. One of place that can give you money loans is bank. In bank you can borrow money with complete some conditions. But this is ancient way and to complicated. Great post has new solution, that is money online loan.

As people who where born in the era of advanced technology is very lucky. People can doing various things much easier, including money online loans. In the past , people should bother go to the bank or lending institutions and bring various documents also complete some terms to apply for a loan. Now all of that is not need to do again. Just use you laptop or gadget to apply for an online loan. So it could be more simple. Beside not complicated and not take a long time, there’s more profit in the online loans, are:

  1. Saving

How to Change Your Rims DIY Style

Rims can be pretty expensive which is why many individuals with enough strength and know how choose to buy rims and install them DIY style. While this might be able to save you a penny or two in terms of mechanic services, it can also cause you a whole world of trouble and potential injury. Before you start your rim changing project, make sure you understand exactly what you need and what you have to do to get the job done properly and safely.

What You Need When Changing Rims

See to it that you have the following items in handy before you start changing your rims:

  • Car Jack
  • Socket set
  • Tire lever

If you don’t have these items, you can borrow them from a friend or neighbour. But if you think you’ll need them in the future, they can become a worthy investment. Auto supply stores and hardware shops often have these items available. See to it that you get a sturdy model that will serve you well for years to come.

How to Change Your Car Rims

  1. Lift the Car – You can’t expect to be able to replace the wheels if

Young Drivers, Marijuana and Car Insurance

Marijuana, young drivers and serious car accidents are on a collision course. Fatal crashes involving drivers whose systems showed evidence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, nearly tripled in 10 years, rising from 4.2 percent in 1999 to 12.2 percent in 2010, according to a study released earlier this year by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. In another four-year study, 43 percent of fatally injured drivers under 24 tested positive for cannabinoids. The percentage was lower for older age groups.

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington and widely tolerated elsewhere in the U.S., parents may be on their own collision course with pot: They face steep car insurance hikes and even cancellation if young drivers on their policies are convicted of a DUI stemming from marijuana use. Here’s what parents need to know about drugged driving and the effect it can have on insurance coverage.

Drugged Driving: A Growing Concern
Pot use behind the wheel is a subset of a category that law enforcement and the traffic safety community call drugged driving. Every state has laws addressing it. In many, the laws say if a driver is stopped and authorities can prove the individual

Some health insurance websites show improved efforts to support patient decision making

Websites for national and state health insurance marketplaces show evidence of improved efforts to assist patients in choosing health insurance plans, such as providing decision support tools, experts from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have found. However, in a letter published in the August 18 issue the Annals of Internal Medicine, the Penn team recommends taking more steps to better support consumers in making informed health plan decisions.

The marketplaces, also called health exchanges, were established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to allow consumers to compare and choose health insurance plans.

“Selecting a plan is a complex task for just about anyone, regardless of your knowledge of the marketplaces or health insurance, and the way plans are presented on the exchanges and the tools available there can influence consumers’ choices,” said the study’s lead author Charlene A. Wong, MD, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar and fellow in Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. “Performance of the health insurance marketplaces will significantly depend on such features as the order in which plans are displayed, the plan features listed, and the availability of decision-support tools created for consumers. While we

Fuel Duty to remain unchanged in 2016

No Increase

It is with relief that the UK’s 38 million motorists reacted to Chancellor George Osborne’s March 16 Budget Speech: for the 6th year in a row fuel duty on petrol and diesel will not be increased, despite many experts having predicted otherwise. Even a small rise to fuel duty above the rate of inflation could mean billions in added income for the Treasury; therefore drivers have met the freeze with enthusiasm.

Good Savings

In doing so, Mr Osborne has promised to save the average driver £75 a year and small business drivers with a van £275, thereby “…keep(ing) Britain on the move.’’ In his speech Mr Osborne said that, “…fuel costs still make up a significant part of household budgets…’’ and that families “…shouldn’t be penalised when oil prices fall.’’ Although international oil prices have fallen in recent times, it is not a given that this situation will prevail indefinitely, but this has certainly contributed to the decision. RAC  chief engineer David Bizley has, although he praised the decision not to increase the duty, expressed disappointment that Mr Osborne has not committed to longer-term goals that could have frozen the duty beyond next

Your Long Term Financial Plans Are Absolutely Frightening

NEW YORK — Well, U.S. workers, feel better: you aren’t the only ones failing to make long-term financial plans.

The deVere Group, a U.K.-based financial advisory group recently surveyed 650 people around the world who aren’t using a financial adviser. They asked simply, “Do you plan your finances a year ahead, one to three years ahead, or three years or more ahead?” Of that group, 71 percent chose the first option.

Many people believe the myth that planning for the longer-term is more difficult than planning for the short term — this is not true.

Granted, that’s an improvement from 2013, when the same poll had 82 percent of respondents provided that answer. However, when nearly three-quarters of a group from the U.S., U.K., Spain, Australia, France, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates gives that answer, it makes the financial advisers a little nervous.

“Many people believe the myth that planning for the longer-term is more difficult than planning for the short term — this is not true,” said Nigel Green, deVere Group chief executive and founder, when those findings were announced “The difficult part is starting to plan long-term. But procrastination will leave you

Four Steps to Switching Car Insurance

Could you save hundreds of dollars by switching your car insurance? It is a question worth asking yourself at least once a year. By doing a little research now, you may be able to find a comparable insurance plan at a better rate with another company, and save money. But you have to make sure you take the appropriate steps to switch, because you don’t want to have a lapse in coverage.

Jeanne Salvatore, senior vice president at the Insurance Information Institute in New York, suggests asking yourself if you’re happy with the cost, coverage and service of your current policy each time it comes up for renewal. “If the answer is ‘yes, yes and yes,’ then stay with them. But if you’re not sure, it’s a good opportunity to shop around,” she says.

Here are four key steps to take when it comes to switching car insurance:

1. Review your current driving situation.
Take note of your driving circumstances as well as the needs of other drivers in your household. Do you have a newer model car? Do you commute several miles each week to work? Do you have recent traffic tickets?

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC),

Repair or Replace Your Windshield the Right Way

When faced with replacing a windshield, many car owners default to the lowest-price option. But if you take this route and are in a serious accident, your decision could cost you your life.

An incorrectly installed windshield could pop out in an accident, allowing the roof to cave in and crush the car’s occupants. Furthermore, when the front airbags deploy, they exert a tremendous force on the windshield and will blow out one that is not firmly glued in place.

“There are a lot of schlock operators” installing windshields, says Debra Levy, president of the Auto Glass Safety Council, which offers certification for installers. She says using original manufacturer’s glass is a plus, but choosing a good installer is even more important. To find a certified shop, visit Safewindshields.org and type your ZIP code into the box at the top of the page. Certification is valuable because it keeps installers up to date on advances in adhesives and changing automotive designs.

David Beck, one of two technicians at Windshield Express, near Salt Lake City, installs eight windshields a day and has been working in the auto glass business for 18 years. Beck agrees that certification is important and warns that there

Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance Is So Important

Many people drive their cars on a daily basis, and they take for granted that they’ll start every morning and get them from A to B. Unfortunately, complex machines such as modern cars can break down easily, and it can be a real pain when you’re left without a car. That’s why it’s important to look for issues before they arise, and regular maintenance can really help you get the most from your car. From regular MOTs to servicing, there’s lots to do to keep your car running smoothly, and here’s why you should ensure things are checked over.

Replacing parts

Replacing parts before they get worn out, rather than waiting for a breakdown, will help prevent further damage to your car. You can buy parts by finding car wreckers in Darwin, and this allows you to save money on your car’s maintenance. Whether your tyres are getting a bit worn, or you’ve noticed your brakes are less effective because of wear to the brake pads, there are lots of little things you can do to improve your car’s performance.

Regular servicing

Every time you get your MOT done, it’s wise to

New World Car Dealership Auckland

Looking for a new car? Don’t want to lose thousands of dollars as soon as you drive off the car lot’s forecourt? Then you’ll be looking for a reliable secondhand car that runs smooth and doesn’t break the bank. But as we all know, buying a used car when you know little about cars is an extremely daunting task, and one that can often lead to the customer paying inflated prices without having any idea they have been ripped off until it’s too late. For this reason it’s important to use a reputable company; a company like New World Car Dealership Auckland.

Of the 3.5 million cars on the road, it’s estimated that 23,000 vehicles are stolen each year, and around 55,000 are sold illegally. Whilst this isn’t the largest percent, the chances of buying a car that isn’t altogether legitimate is a very real, and the chances of paying over the odds for a vehicle is extremely high if you’re not a mechanic or car enthusiast.

What to look for when buying a used car

When it comes to buying a second hand car, there are certain things that you should be able to spot, even if you’re not a mechanic.

All cars

Health Insurance and Its Need

But, talking about long term care insurance? Does it have value for money? And what is it anyhow? Isn’t it like that viable with the stoop in it that keeps receiving hurt?

Health Insurance

Extended health Care Insurance is more or less exactly what it sounds like a long period care insurance plan you purchase to help give for the cost of long-term concern further than a planned phase of time. Long term insurance covers care that is not usually covered by normal health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. It is surplus to what you may believe you are already having.

Folks who need long tenure care are not unwell in the wide-ranging sense. They more often than not require special care in their every day activities, bathing, dressing, and eating, getting in and out of bed or a chair, daily hygiene, and possibly walking. And this possibly will not even be necessarily long term care in the customary sense. This possibly will be care necessary to get well or rehabilitate from a mishap or an operation. A long term care insurance policy takes care for these and many other things.

If one thinks that he/she is too young to think about long term care

What is an OEM Transmission or Engine?

Replacing an engine or a transmission is a huge expense, and you want to be sure you are getting the best replacement for your money. You are told there are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. It’s important to understand what these parts and their differences are, especially if an insurance company is involved.

What Is An OEM Part?

According to About Money, OEM parts are made by the automobile manufacturer. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and other manufacturers make the original parts that are in the car when it comes off the assembly line. When the car is being assembled, if the manufacturer installs Bosch fuel injectors, Exide batteries, or Auto lite spark plugs, they are considered to be OEM parts on that car because they were original. If, however, the car manufacturer used a different brand of fuel injectors, then Bosch would be considered to be aftermarket parts. All determination is made by the manufacturer at the time of assembly. While an OEM engine or transmission will cost more than an aftermarket model, you can know it will fit perfectly and function exactly the same as the one being replaced did when it was

Confessions From the Auto Body Shop

For most consumers, auto body shops are intimidating and mysterious. The good ones restore your beloved car to gleaming perfection. The bad ones hide problems and stick you with a big repair bill.

We talked with three veterans of the auto body industry, two of whom (Brian and Neal) run their own collision repair businesses and the third expert (Andy) who is a well-connected industry observer. Our sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, shed light on this shadowy world and offer suggestions on how to manage costs, avoid rip-offs and ensure that sure your car is fixed right.

Know That Body Shops Run the Quality Gamut
“I don’t care what state you live in, for every 10 body shops, three of them are unethical and five of them do mediocre work at best,” Neal says.

It’s clear that finding the right shop and building a relationship with the owner or manager is an essential first step in the repair process. There will always be fly-by-night shops, and even mobile dent-repair guys working out of the trunks of their cars. Consumers should look for brick-and-mortar body shops that have been in business a long time and have a solid track record of

Do I Have To Use the Manufacturer’s Oil?

Ten or 15 years ago, choosing the oil for your car was simple. All you needed to know was the viscosity — 5W-30, for example — and you could get a few bottles at the local auto parts store. But this simplicity is starting to go away.

General Motors’ transition to a new oil specification for all its 2011 and newer vehicles is bringing new attention to the issue of manufacturer oil specifications. GM isn’t the first to require such a specification, but its move signals a change in the car-maintenance landscape.

A manufacturer’s oil specification is a unique blend that an automaker creates and mandates for use in its vehicles. GM’s new oil product, Dexos, consolidates its five prior recommended oil specifications into two blends: Dexos1 for gasoline-powered vehicles and Dexos2 for diesels.

GM and other automakers warn that failure to use their factory-specified oils could void a car’s warranty. These new oil specifications can also create confusion and cost issues for consumers who change the oil themselves or take their cars to local mechanics who may not be aware of the changes.

Oil Has Changed
The oil inside a modern engine might look just like it did a decade ago,

Everything to Know About Auto Insurance

So insurance is the coverage that is offered to you by the insurance company or organization in return for premiums paid. For auto insurance, auto insurance companies cover your vehicle or group of vehicles against breakdowns and accidents. The insurance policy offered to you depends on many factors namely:

* The type of vehicle, its make, cost, and age.
* The habits and individual history.
* Viable statistics.
The general principal is that a young driver driving an attractive sports car will have to pay a higher premium as compared to a senior citizen driving a family car. Premiums are therefore based on risk factors.
All insurance companies have to offer different packages for auto insurance and, each scheme has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to obtain the best auto insurance you need to:

* Actually know as to how auto insurance works and what all leading insurance companies are present in the market. There are basically four main kinds of auto insurance policies: Collision insurance; Comprehensive coverage; Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage; and No Fault Automobile Insurance Policy. There are also policies offered by an auto insurance companies that cover: auto loans, vehicle towing expenses, car rental during car

The Top 10 Safest Cars 2016

Commuting to work as well as weekend leisure driving tallies up to a substantial amount of time spent inside your car. It is advisable to investigate in buying the safest car to protect yourself and your family on the road.

The following is a list of the current top ten safest cars, ranked in the score order received from the independent body Euro NCAP.

The Euro NCAP evaluates cars in four categories: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, and pedestrian protection and safety assistance systems. The tested cars are given a percentage for each category and then an overall star rating out of five.

1. Volvo XC90 SUV | 4.6 / 5 stars

Not surprising Volvo tops the list, it’s most famous for car safety.

Best Scores:
97% adult occupant protection
87% child occupant protection
100% safety assist systems

2. Volvo V40 hatchback | 3.7 / 5 stars

The only reason the hatchback takes second place, is because it wasn’t tested in the last 12 months under the latest and strictest Euro NCAP regulations.

Best Scores:
98% adult occupant protection
88% pedestrian protection
100% safety assist systems


Auto portal fully reviews the Automatic, Economic Tata Zica

Tata Zica is an all new Hatchback car from the Tata Motors, gearing for its launch in the early weeks of 2016. Tata Motors is known for producing economical cars like Tata Nano, good mileage provider and long distance traveler cars like the Tata Indica , Indigo and the very own SUV, the Safari Storme. The Tata Zica is a 5 seater, but it can also be used as a comfortable 4 seater that gets powered by both petrol and diesel engines. This Orange Zica will be an immediate attention seeker   with its complete makeover package and good in-built features.

What owes the Exterior?

The Exterior of the Zica is a simple and shining hexagon with a chrome finish. The Zica gets a new front honey combed grill making the car a bit furious and the side profile looks plain with its shoulder line running all across the side. The rear side has a euro modified look, with a dual tone bumper. The car is one of the progressive next generation from the Tata motors. We could see some standard fittings replaced, giving way for new design. The luminaries are also changed with black rear spoiler.